bylaws database
sound source of bylaws maintains a bylaws database which holds most recent versions published by public listed companies. This valuable source can be at your disposal.

belgian and french additional notification thresholds

Companies bylaws may stipulate additional notification thresholds. This is the case for Belgian or French issuers. Under >thresholds you find an extract of those.

french double voting rights

French issuers can set double votings rights. Commonly shareholder receivces a double voting right for those shares which they hold e.g. since one or two years. If the issuer has defined a double voting right this can be found in the bylaws.

swiss cap on voting rights

In Switzerland issuers can set a cap on the investors voting rights in their bylaws. Above a given percentage the management board can prevent that the shareholding is entered in the share register. They may also delete entries in the share register. All this is set out in the bylaws.

italian shareholding cap

In Italy credit unions can set share capital which no shareholder may exceed. After the credit union becomes aware that this limit has been exceeded they inform the shareholder. The excess shares must be sold within a year of such notice. Those details are set out in the bylaws of Italian issuers.

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