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Where do I find a list of financial authorities or regulatory authorities?

There is no coordinated financial authority acting globally. You need to exactly determine the local authority which applies in your specific case. You may consult financial authorities as a matter of convenience.

Where do I find the number of total shares issued by a public listed company?

Supporting your search you may lookup details given under total shares. In addition you may take advantage that watchingstock.com provides direct links to public companies web sites. The figures given by watchingstock.com you may use to decide that the numbers you found are plausible.

Is the usage of watchingstock.com for free even when I use the web site regularly?

There is no intention by watchingstock.com to generate fees by your usage of the web site. Please consult legal notice and privacy policy regularly for changes. As of today the usage of watchingstock.com is not connected to any fee payment and is free. watchingstock.com expenses are currently covered by private equity.

Can I refer on others pages to the offering of this web site?

watchingstock.com welcomes the creation of hyperlinks to its web site and will be pleased to know your web site address. Unless otherwise approved by watchingstock.com, all links to watchingstock.com's web site shall be connected to the front page of watchingstock.com's web site. Thus, only the name, watchingstock.com, and web site address, http://www.watchingstock.com, shall be displayed.

Do I have disclosure obligations beyond my own home competent authority?

There are various circumstances forcing you to disclose major shareholdings beyond your own home competent authority. As a rule of thumbs the issuer's country of incorporation is the first country you may think to disclose within. In any case it is recommended to liaise with the respective financial authority or the investors relations department of the issuer.

Can I ignore disclosure obligations beyond my own home competent authority?

It is absolutely not recommended to ignore any disclosure obligations of major shareholdings. You should be aware that financial authorities worldwide can impose penalties and fines on your company, too. It is important to stress that those penalties and fines can hit you even when your company is not located in those countries.

Which countries are currently available on this web site?

watchingstock.com is happy to give you direct access to public listed companies web sites in Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Estonia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherland, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, United Arab Emirates and United States currently. Please consult the overview of searchable countries for the latest list.

Are additional notification thresholds impacting me?

Major shareholding disclosure regimes in some countries allows companies to stipulate additional notification thresholds. Those are commonly set in the bylaws or articles of association. You should watch out for thresholds which can be lower than the ones set by the countries disclosure regime. Those may have the same or comparable implications like the ones set by the local disclosure regime. The details assembled within thresholds may be a starting point of your evaluation.

How can I benefit from watchingstock.com's expertise on additional notification thresholds?

watchingstock.com is happy to generate added value in providing details on additional notification thresholds. watchingstock.com established processes to keep track on changes imposed by changing company bylaws. We are looking forward to discuss any setup to share that with you. Please drop us a note via our feedback section.

Where do I find the correct denominator to be used within a disclosure?

There are various sources where you find the correct denominator to be used in major share holding disclosures. Some jurisdictions require that you use the total voting rights made public by the issuer in form of a notification to the public. To be sure it is recommended to liaise with the financial authority or the investors relations department of the issuer. watchingstock.com is happy to provide the link to the issuers web site. Our intention is to streamline your search for the issuers investors relations department and contacts as much as possible.

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