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the denominator

Major shareholding disclosure or major shareholding notification regimes can affect all market participants. Being invested globally forces you not only to understand local disclosure requirements. It is even more challenging to find the relevant number of total shares. Commonly used phrase is the denominator. Knowing the exact denominator allows you to calculate your exposure in percentage.
As a matter of thumbs you will find shares authorized by the company, the authorized shares. That's the maximum number of shares a corporation is permitted to issue. Normally all or at least a fraction of those are issued. Those are represented by the issued shares. Some disclosure regimes requiring those as denominator. Furthermore there can be treasury shares or own shares. At the end you find the varying definition of outstanding shares. And even some jurisdictions are requiring disclosure on new shares in issue too.

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You will perform searches using various sources to confirm the current denominator. Being invested globally you may use or download the following list to perform initial searches on the required denominator:

aantal bestaande aandelen
aantal dividend gerechtig de aandelen
aantal uitstaande aandelen
acciones al portador
acciones nominativas
acciones ordinarias
ações nominativas
ações ordinárias nominativas
akcijų kiekis (vnt.)
aktuell zugelassene aktien
antall utest endeaksjer
anzahl ausgegebener Aktien
anzahl der aktien
anzahl namensaktien ausgegeben
anzahl ausstehende namensaktien
anzahl der ausgegebenen aktien
anzahl herausgegebene inhaberaktien
auf den inhaber lautende stamm-stückaktien
ausgegebene aktien
ausstehende aktien
bearer shares
bestaande aandelen
common shares issued and outstanding
common shares issued
current number of voting rights
emisijos dydis (vnt.)
fully paid up and dividedinto registered shares
gewone aandelen metstemrecht
grundkapital in stück
het aantal a an de lenper
Число акций (ед.)
issued shares
les actions sont numérotées de
les actions sont numérotées à
liczba akcji
nombre d’actions emises
nombre de titres ordinaires
nombre de titres représentatifs du capital émis par la société
nombre total de droits de vote
number of registered shares
number of shares
numero azioni ordinarie
número de acciones
osakkeiden määrä
osakkeiden kokonaismäärä
osakkeiden lukumäärä
outstanding shares
outstanding number of shares
registered capital in shares
représenté par actions
selskapets aksjekapita
shares outstanding
teljes kibocsátott részvények
the company’s share capital is divided into shares
the number of shares
the amount of shares
the total issued capital
totaal aantal stemrechten
totaal van effectieve en toekomstige stemrechten
totaal aantal stemrechten
totaal aantal stemrecht verlenen de effecten
total number of outstanding ordinary shares
total number of securities with voting rights
total number of voting rights
total number of outstanding ordinary shares
total number of voting rights
total of voting rights
total registered shares
totale aantal stemrechten
totale azioni emesse
totalt utstedte aksjer
väärtpaberite arv
zugelassenes kapital

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